What computer should I buy?.

There is a vast range of different computers available today with lots of different capabilities and cost. What you want to do on a computer should help you decide what to buy. Lets review specifications available and help decide what you need.

Questions that need answering before buying a new computer.

What do I want to do on a computer?

Do I want a desktop or laptop computer?

A desktop computer needs a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
A laptop just needs a mouse, preferably wireless.

How big a screen do I want?

What operating system should my computer have?
Windows – preferably windows 11.
Mackintosh – more expensive than Windows.
Google Chrome operating system (Chromebook) – Cheap, limited.
Linux – Some learning needed.

What processor should my computer have?
Suggest Intel I5 or AMD Ryzen 5 or better.

What hard drive do I need?
Suggest solid state (SSD) with capacity minimum of 250 Gb.

How much memory (RAM) do I need?
Suggest a minimum of 8Gb.

Do you need a CD or DVD drive?

What ports do I need?
Suggest at least one 1 USB-C, at least two USB ports,
a microphone/headset jack and maybe an HDMI port and an SD card reader.
Camera for a laptop?

A few examples from a Google query of “What computer should I buy?”
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